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Attend2 Diabetes

It is estimated that there are 4.5 million people living with diabetes in the UK.


Attend2 Diabetes is a risk-stratification platform for primary care. It allows practices to proactively and systematically manage the care of patients with diabetes in order to reduce symptoms and the risk of complications from diabetes such as cardiovascular disease.

Attend2 Diabetes

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Attend2 Diabetes

The platform is underpinned by current best practice diabetes management guidelines including NICE and ESC/EASD. It transforms data from practice clinical systems into a detailed patient list and a population-level interactive dashboard which can then be used to interrogate patient cohorts at an individual patient level.

The interactive dashboard allows you to:

  • Understand the true practice burden of diabetes
  • Assess achievement in line with QOF indicators, guideline standards and the NICE-recommended key care processes
  • Risk stratify your adult patients living with diabetes
  • Prioritise patients for individual review according to clinical risk
  • Identify management opportunities for patients at risk of poor outcomes due to not achieving care markers, risk of complications or being managed outside current guideline recommendations
  • Plan quality improvement (QI) workstreams to improve care provision


The patient list is built with intuitive management functionality including a control panel with pre-set filters so practices can quickly view patients attaining (or not attaining) key care markers, care standards and current diabetes management level.

This will allow users to prioritise patients for review or another intervention. Combinations of pre-set filters and/or manual filters can be applied to precisely identify patient cohorts for review.

Practices can then label cohorts within the platform, assign an action plan or intervention to the cohort (or at individual patient level) and designate a member of the practice team to take responsibility for the action plan or intervention.

Attend2 Diabetes gives a complete 360-degree view of adult patients living with diabetes. The intuitive interface and interactive dashboard make the platform simple to navigate, allowing practices to risk stratify patients according to clinical need and therefore effectively plan and prioritise workload.