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NHS Business Partnership


Working across all levels of the NHS from primary to secondary care, Interface Clinical Services partner with clinicians and commissioners to deliver clinical programmes tailored to the needs of both the patient and the organisation.

Interface Clinical Services is an NHS Business Partner, the highest level awarded to non- NHS organisations, and an official recognition of the continuing partnership between Interface and the NHS.

To achieve NHS Business Partner status, Interface is defined as, ‘an organisation that, whilst remaining independent, works closely with NHS organisations and shares common goals for providing high standards of healthcare directly to patients,’ an ethos that Interface has been promoting since the company’s inception in 2004.

This ethos, combined with the clinical capabilities of a nationwide team of pharmacists, contribute to our in-depth knowledge of the NHS at local, regional and national levels. We apply this understanding daily, working in both primary and secondary care improving patient experience and outcomes through our clinical reviews and data analysis services.



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