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Meet The Directors

Here at Interface Clinical Services, we’re a rather large team mostly made up of Clinical Pharmacists. We’re based all over the UK, delivering support to primary care on a national scale.

Whilst we’d like to introduce you to the whole team, there’s just too many of us. Here’s a few people you’ll get to know when you start working with Interface Clinical Services.


General Manager

Mark Tate is the General Manager at Interface Clinical Services. Mark joined Interface after holding a number of senior financial positions over the last 25 years. As General Manager and an accountant, Mark has overall responsibility for the business, finance, information technology and the day to day operations of the company. Since joining Interface in 2010, Mark has overseen a rise in the number of clinical services delivered to primary care.


Clinical Director

Omar Patel is the Clinical Director at Interface Clinical Services. Omar is a graduate in pharmacy with a Master’s degree received from the University of Strathclyde. He joined Interface when the company was established in 2004. As Clinical Director, Omar is responsible for clinical governance and quality assurance throughout the organisation. He previously held key roles managing community pharmacies for a flagship retailer and later within the pharmaceutical sector, where he delivered treatment optimisation programmes in partnership with the NHS across primary care.


Commercial Director

Jim McArdle is the Commercial Director at Interface Clinical Services. Joining Interface in 2006 as our Commercial Director, Jim is responsible for the growth and development of the business. Jim has a strong understanding of the NHS marketplace, and in particular the commissioning agenda. As a qualified pharmacist, Jim’s career prior to Interface spanned all sectors of pharmacy, both in the UK and internationally. He is passionate about the emerging roles of Clinical Pharmacists in primary care and the use of intelligent ‘real time’ data to better inform commissioning and prescribing decisions.


Client Services Director

Steve Davis is the Client Services Director at Interface Clinical Services. Steve joined Interface in 2013 with over 20 years of healthcare experience. He has held senior roles throughout the sector, including working for medical device, wound care, pharmaceutical and homecare providers. Steve specialises in helping companies and healthcare organisations, including the NHS, to work together effectively. These partnerships enable organisations to maximise their potential and deliver improved outcomes for patients.

QOF Disease Prevalence Coding Support

Our Clinical Pharmacists are now able to offer coding support across a number of QOF domains

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