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Interface Clinical Services work with select industry partners to deliver innovative products, medicines and treatments to care providers and patients.

In our capacity as an independent provider, Interface Clinical Services can connect the NHS and industry partners, including medical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to make improvements in healthcare a reality for patients throughout the UK.

Working with both the NHS and industry for over a decade, Interface have continually developed both our clinical and commercial expertise, using our experience to unite both sectors to achieve their common goal; improved patient outcomes.

As a leading expert in the field, we offer an array of bespoke services that enable industry to effectively engage with the NHS and the wider healthcare economy; from initial research and trials through to market access and the positioning of value-added services. We are able to identify gaps in service provision and specific treatment needs within a population, allowing our industry partners to focus their resource and strategic direction.

Interface can then open up communication to align strategies and objectives and deliver a joint working partnership between the NHS and industry, allowing patients access to the best treatments and care.

QOF Disease Prevalence Coding Support

Our Clinical Pharmacists are now able to offer coding support across a number of QOF domains

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