Delivering improved patient outcomes through an experienced team of clinical pharmacists.

Interface Clinical Services Ltd (Interface) is an independent provider of clinical support services, working with the NHS and industry partners to deliver improved patient outcomes through an experienced team of clinical pharmacists.

Whilst medicines management and medicines optimisation are at the core of our service offerings, beyond that our data insight capabilities and understanding of the patient journey, combined with our clinical expertise and nationwide resource, ensure that we deliver so much more.

Interface work to improve clinical outcomes at all levels of the care process, from providing key insight into research and development through to service delivery within primary care, secondary care and also within the social sector, partnering with key health care professionals to enhance patient experience.

As well as working with the NHS and industry partners, Interface acts as an interface for both clinical sectors, connecting resource and expertise to enable clinicians to deliver best practice and improved outcomes for their patients.

Interface Clinical Services partner with the NHS to deliver innovative services and solutions that use clinical expertise and analytical data to optimise treatment, streamline care and achieve improved clinical outcomes for patients.

Working across all levels of the NHS from practices and GP federations to CCGs and secondary care, Interface tailor clinical programmes to meet the needs of both the patient and the healthcare provider.

As the leading provider of clinical services, Interface is unique within the UK health economy as the only organisation with a fully employed, nationwide team of field-based clinical pharmacists. This guarantees that clinical knowledge and expertise remain central to all aspects of Interface, from service design through to service delivery.

As a national provider Interface continually invest in the skills and capabilities of our nationwide clinical team, whilst recognising the importance of working locally with stakeholders to embed local guidelines and formularies into our projects. This unique perspective allows us to develop bespoke services enhanced by national levels of experience and understanding.

From its inception Interface Clinical Services have recognised the value of data in partnership with the expertise of clinical pharmacists as the ideal combination to deliver a range of innovative solutions to the UK healthcare sector.

Interface quickly realised the value of acting as an independent ‘interface’ between the NHS and life science companies, with educational bodies, medical, biotech and pharmaceutical companies listed amongst our selected partners.

From research and development, to market access and the introduction of revolutionary- and to many patients, life changing- products into the UK, Interface are strong advocates for the introduction of new technologies and the use of real life data to integrate pioneering healthcare solutions into the NHS.

Interface support industry to develop sustainable value propositions, which benefit patients and healthcare professionals alike, through our ability to navigate the complexities of designing code compliant services in line with local, national and international guidelines.

Free QOF Health Check

The Interface QOF Enhancement Service increases practice prevalence, optimises outcomes for patients and generates additional practice income. On average the service identifies £2,500 per 1,000 of registered patients. For an average practice with a 8,096 list size, this would realise an additional income of £20,240 year on year.

In addition, there is a huge clinical benefit to this exercise, allowing practices to identify gaps in care whilst ensuring appropriate payment for the provision of unclaimed services already delivered by the practice. To discover your practice's QOF potential, register for a free QOF health check.

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