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The leading independent clinical services provider

Delivering improved patient outcomes through an experienced team of clinical pharmacists

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Interface remain the only organisation within the UK healthcare sector to fully employ a team of pharmacists. Working nationally, we operate in partnership with both the NHS and industry.

Interface Clinical Services

The leading independent clinical services provider.


Since our creation in 2004, Interface Clinical Services Ltd has delivered clinical support to over 4,300 Healthcare organisations. Working largely at primary care level, Interface Clinical Services is the leading independent provider of clinical support across the UK.

With our national team of Clinical Pharmacists, we work alongside the NHS and industry partners to support the treatment and prevention of long-term conditions. Using our unique data insight capabilities, clinical expertise and patient understanding, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of patient and practice support.

Through our diverse portfolio of supportive reviews and screening tools, we engage with all levels of the NHS from individual practices, to CCGs, federations, networks and even secondary care. We work alongside the NHS and industry partners, acting as an ‘interface’ between both clinical sectors, connecting resource and expertise to enable clinicians to deliver best practice and improved outcomes for their patients.

Partnering with the NHS

Optimise patient outcomes.


Interface Clinical Services partner with the NHS to deliver innovative services and solutions throughout primary and secondary care. Using the clinical expertise of our team and our data interrogation capabilities we can support the optimisation of treatments, streamlining of care and achieve improved clinical outcomes for patients.

Working across all levels of the NHS from practices and GP networks and federations, to CCGs and secondary care. Interface tailor clinical programmes to meet the needs of the patient and the healthcare provider. Interface remain the only organisation within the UK healthcare sector to fully employ a team of pharmacists and deliver independent clinical support to GP practices face to face. Ensuring clinical knowledge and expertise remain central to all of our work, from service design through to service delivery.

As a national provider, Interface continually invest in the skills and clinical knowledge of our nationwide team. We work hard to build relationships with the practices we work in, recognising the importance of working locally with stakeholders to embed local guidelines and formularies into our projects. This unique perspective allows us to develop bespoke services to meet the specific needs of every project.

Partnering with industry

Deliver insight into data and patient care.


From its inception Interface Clinical Services has recognised the relationship between real world data and the clinical expertise of pharmacists and it’s potential to impact healthcare within UK. We believe together, they can provide a platform to deliver world class practice and patient support. We’ve taken this strategy and applied it throughout the company allowing us to develop and deliver a range of innovative solutions directly to the UK healthcare sector.

Interface Clinical Services quickly positioned itself as an independent ‘interface’ between the NHS and life science sector, with educational bodies, medical, biotech and pharmaceutical companies listed amongst its selected partners.

From research and development, to market access and the introduction of revolutionary products into the UK; Interface work with industry partners to integrate pioneering healthcare solutions into the NHS, navigating the complexities of designing code compliant services in line with local, national and international guidelines.

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QOF I Disease Prevalence

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Free QOF I Disease Prevalence Health Check

The Interface QOF Disease Prevalence Service increases practice prevalence, optimises outcomes for patients and generates additional practice income. On average the service identifies £1,800 per 1,000 of registered patients. For an average practice with a 8,479 list size, this would realise an additional income of £15,262 year on year.

In addition, there is a huge clinical benefit to this exercise, allowing practices to identify gaps in care whilst ensuring appropriate payment for the provision of unclaimed services already delivered by the practice. To discover your practice’s QOF potential, register for a free QOF I Disease Prevalence Health Check.

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Interface takes the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety of patients, employees, NHS staff and their families. We’re adapting our services to deliver clinical support remotely including the patient clinics incorporated within many of our reviews.

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