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QOF is an incentive programme to reward GP practices for the care they provide to their patients. Interface Pharmacists can support practices and primary care networks (PCNs) with their QOF 2020 / 2021 achievement. This will increase disease prevalence, clinical care and the associated income for practices.

QOF looks at key indicators across 19 domains, including Heart Failure, Asthma and Diabetes, which helps practices to provide care for patients living with long term conditions.

How can Interface help?

Interface Clinical Pharmacists can identify patients missing from clinical registers. These patients are often being treated, but are missing from the QOF disease registers due to coding errors. This means that practices are not receiving the correct level of funding. Without proper register maintenance, patient care may be impacted with patients missing annual reviews for example.

Our Clinical Pharmacists have generated £8,577,179.34 worth of additional QOF income for practices and PCNs with 214,846 patients added to the QOF register.


Our Clinical Pharmacists have developed a bespoke set of searches to support practices and PCNs with their QOF achievement. On average, we identify £1,800 of additional income per 1,000 list size.  This is in addition to improving QOF prevalence and disease register validation.

Our Services

Register for a free QOF I Disease Prevalence Health Check and find out how much income your practice could be missing out on.

If you would like to proceed with our pharmacist led programme, you can purchase the QOF I Disease Prevalence Service. Our service is broken down into packages to suit all practice and PCN needs, most of which include on-site pharmacist support.

With on-site support, our Pharmacists will:

  • Improve disease prevalence and income
  • Work through real life patient examples from your QOF Disease Prevalence report
  • Providing on-site training implementing national clinical guidelines
  • Implement work streams to maximise potential this QOF year

In addition, you can receive further support with your Heart Failure register.  Our pharmacists use their clinical expertise to interrogate the register and refine the diagnosis of all patients within the domain.  This includes those with LVSD.


Interface takes the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety of patients, employees, NHS staff and their families. We’re adapting our services to deliver clinical support remotely including the patient clinics incorporated within many of our reviews.

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