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Interface have industry partners who can provide specialist nurse-led clinics in several therapeutic areas, including stoma care.

Our team of Technicians remotely extract relevant data and produce a list of patients to be prioritised for clinical review. As part of the process, Interface invite the patients to pre-agreed clinics, meaning minimal disruption to the practice.

Using your practice clinical system and specially designed searches we:

  • Stratify patients for review, based on both clinical and efficiency-saving factors
  • Provide a dashboard to the practices that shows current prevalence, spend and consultation burden

This often-overlooked group of patients benefit from 30-45 minutes of specialist clinician time, providing the opportunity to discuss any issues they are experiencing, for example:

  • Sore and irritated skin
  • Adhesion issues
  • Leakage, odour, ballooning or pancaking

As a result, practices benefit from the knowledge that their stoma patients are being managed in line with current best practice.

Stoma Therapy Reviews

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