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QOF Health Check

Our free health check highlights how GP practices can increase disease prevalence and QOF income.

The health check identifies patients currently not appearing on practice disease registers, that potential could and should be due to the care being provided to them, and symptoms they're showing indicating a long-term health condition.

QOF Health Check


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    QOF Health Check


      Interface have developed a bespoke set of searches that look for these indicators so that patients can be added onto disease registers correctly ensuring patients receive the care they need and practices are rewarded for the care they deliver

      The searches look for non QOF recognised read codes, prescribed medications and test results that may be indicative of certain conditions amongst other indicators.

      We frequently find patients who are treated for conditions in line with guidelines, but practices won’t receive funding due to an incorrect read code.

      Once identified, we use the data to form a summary report. This details current and potential prevalence values across all 20 clinical domains. It also calculates potential uplift in income for your practice. On average, we identify £1,900 of additional income per 1,000 list size in addition to improving disease prevalence.

      We have worked with Interface closely on our QOF prevalence. We loved the new tool that they have recently introduced as it is so much easier to screen patients and track your progress in real time. The pharmacist we worked with on the day was great to work with - she summarised the outcomes of the work completed and left a structured plan informing us of what work we had left to do. The package we opted for also had an additional telephone consult with a member of the service support team which was also quite useful. The day was well received by the staff involved and we would recommend Interface to practices looking to improve their QOF prevalence

      Rowena Howe, Lead Clinical Services Analyst, Mount Farm Surgery, NHS West Suffolk CCG

      QOF Disease Prevalence Coding Support

      Our Clinical Pharmacists are now able to offer coding support across a number of QOF domains

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