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QOF Health Check

QOF Health Check

Our free QOF health check will highlight the prevalence and QOF income you’re currently missing out on.

The health check looks to identify patients who aren’t on your QOF registers, that we believe could and should be. We have developed a bespoke set of searches that look for things such as non QOF recognised read codes, prescribed medications and test results that may be indicative of certain conditions. We frequently find patients who are being treated for conditions in line with QOF guidelines, but who practices aren’t getting funding for, due to the omission of a QOF recognised read code!

Once identified, we use the data to form a summary report which will detail current and potential prevalence values across all 19 clinical domains, as well as calculating potential uplift in QOF income. On average, we identify £1,800 of additional income per 1000 list size.



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