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COPD Support

COPD Support

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Interface clinical pharmacists have received specialist respiratory training and have expertise in the management of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD.

Our pharmacists can support practices to improve the management of COPD to ensure patients are managed in line with best practice guidelines. This is done with minimal impact to the practice allowing you to free up and reallocate practice resource.

Through comprehensive clinical notes review and face-to-face pharmacist-led clinics, our pharmacists can clinically assess individual patients and make recommendations for management or referral to specialist services.

Using your practice clinical system and specially designed searches we can:

  • identify cohorts of patients for review
  • provide a baseline report to give you an overview of current COPD management
  • highlight opportunities for improvement where patients may be at risk of poor outcomes or are managed outside of the practice-specified management framework

Our pharmacists have experience in the end-to-end process of delivering patient clinics and can:

  • facilitate the invitation of patients
  • optimise clinic attendance
  • update patients’ records following review
  • collect patient experience feedback following clinics

Pharmacist-led COPD clinics include:

  • assessment of patients’ symptoms using validated screening questionnaires
  • spirometry and recording of FEV1 where appropriate
  • pulse oximetry
  • assessment of patients’ inhaler technique and coaching where needed
  • offering non-pharmacological interventions such as pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation and vaccinations

The pharmacist can provide educational support to practice staff, and you will be provided with a report to help demonstrate Quality Improvement in the management of patients with COPD to support future workstreams and PDSA cycles.


Interface takes the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety of patients, employees, NHS staff and their families. We’re adapting our services to deliver clinical support remotely including the patient clinics incorporated within many of our reviews.

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