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Bone Health Support

Bone Health Support

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Our pharmacists have expertise in the delivery of bone health reviews and can provide support to improve the management of patients with osteoporosis or at high risk of fragility fracture to ensure they are managed in line with best practice guidelines.

Using your practice clinical system and specially designed searches we can:

  • identify cohorts of patients for review
  • provide a baseline report to give you an overview of current management
  • highlight opportunities for improvement where patients are not receiving optimal treatments, may be at risk of poor outcomes or are managed outside of the practice-specified management framework
  • identify patients at high risk of fragility fracture who are not currently treated for initiation of treatment
  • identify patients for addition to the practice register, improving QOF achievement in this area
  • facilitate the invitation of high-priority patients for practice review and provide educational materials to help patients understand their fracture risk and treatment.

In addition, the pharmacist can provide educational support to practice staff and you will be provided with a report to demonstrate Quality Improvement in the management of patients with osteoporosis or high fragility fracture risk to support future workstreams and PDSA cycles.


The pharmacist was a joy to work with. Professional; friendly and knowledgeable, he worked through the clinical work with osteoporosis exactly as he had explained; left a thorough report and was also a delight to have in the office.  He has made some good improvements; informed our patients and left a detailed report for our pharmacist.  We could not have been happier with the service.


Interface takes the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety of patients, employees, NHS staff and their families. We’re adapting our services to deliver clinical support remotely including the patient clinics incorporated within many of our reviews.

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