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Attend2 Lipids

Attend2 Lipids is a therapy review platform built to support in the identification, stratification and review of patients requiring lipid modification therapy.

The platform was developed in line with national guidance on the management of lipid modification therapies with a view to enhance patient care and benefit the wider NHS through widespread delivery.

Attend2 Lipids

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    Attend2 Lipids


      This includes the adoption of the NHS RightCare Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Pathway4 (CVD Prevent) including improving the identification of familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) and the identification of patients who are at risk of cardiovascular disease due to atherosclerosis for assessment, review and management.

      The Lipid Attend 2 Platform looks at three cohorts: 

      • Statin use for primary prevention of Cardiovascular events
      • Statin use for secondary prevention of Cardiovascular events and dose optimisation of statins
      • Identification and statin dose optimisation of patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)

      An interactive dashboard report provides practices with a real-time view of their current management of patients requiring review, or initiation of lipid modification therapies allowing clinicians to rapidly identify areas of focus for quality improvement.

      Key patient cohorts can be identified for review using the ‘Quick Buttons’ functionality. Clinicians will then be able to identify opportunities to enhance the care of individual patients in line with national and local guidelines. Users can then label cohorts within the platform, assign an action plan or intervention to the cohort (or at individual patient level) and designate a member of the practice team to take responsibility for the action plan or intervention. 

      The platform can be supported through digital consultation, in-practice quality improvement sessions and/or pharmacist clinical capacity.


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