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Attend2 AF

Around 7,000 strokes could be prevented every year if atrial fibrillation (AF) was adequately treated.

Attend2 AF

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Attend2 AF

Attend2 AF is a proactive risk management tool that highlights specific cohorts of at-risk patients to reduce the incidence of AF related stroke.

The service is underpinned by national and international guidelines (including NICE CG180), and is used to identify patients who may benefit from a review of their current management strategy. Attend2 AF performs a comprehensive stratification of AF patients across the practice population, taking into account current treatment and co-morbidities along with other stroke risk factors. Prioritising patients according to the level of clinical need allows practices to more effectively plan and prioritise their workload.

Action plans can be generated, clinical work implemented, and improvements measured as part of a Quality Improvement initiative to reduce the incidence of AF related stroke.


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