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Attend2 Heart Failure

Heart Failure (HF) represents the only major cardiovascular disease with increasing prevalence and is responsible for dramatic impairment of quality of life, carries a poor prognosis for patients and is very costly for the NHS to treat (second only to stroke).

Attend2 HF is a clinical platform developed by Interface Clinical Services that can be used to support the identification and management of patients with HF.

Attend2 HF is underpinned by national and international guidelines (including SIGN 147 and NICE NG106) and is used to identify patients potentially missing from the HF register based on relevant clinical codes, medication and diagnostic indicators and clinical markers. It is also used to identify HF patients who may benefit from a review of their current treatment.

Attend2 HF performs a comprehensive stratification of patients with HF across a healthcare organisation’s patient database, taking into account the signs and symptoms of HF, current treatment, relevant clinical markers and co-morbidities. Stratifying patients according to the level of clinical need allows practices to more effectively plan and prioritise their workload.

Details of reviews and interventions can be logged against individual patients within the Attend2 HF platform. Dynamic reporting provides a detailed before and after analysis of practice HF prevalence and management. This can be used as part of the clinical audit cycle to evaluate change and demonstrate quality improvement in the care of patients with HF.

Attend 2 Heart Failure

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Attend2 Heart Failure


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