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Attend2 Asthma

3 people die from asthma each day in the UK despite up to 90% of asthma deaths being associated with preventable factors.

Attend2 Asthma

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Attend2 Asthma

Attend2 Asthma is a clinical platform developed by Interface Clinical Services that can be used to support the management of patients with asthma.

Attend2 Asthma is underpinned by national and international guidelines (including BTS/SIGN 158 and NICE NG80) and is used to identify patients who may benefit from a review of their current management strategy.

Attend2 Asthma supports practices by assessing the practice population and stratifying appropriate patients according to symptom control, concordance and co-morbidities.

This process allows action plans to be generated, clinical work to be implemented and improvements measured as part of a Quality Improvement initiative around Asthma.


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