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Atrial Fibrillation Support

A patient with AF is 5 times more likely to have a stroke, with AF related strokes resulting in increased rates of mortality, morbidity and disability.

Effective detection and preventative anticoagulation therapy can prevent an estimated 7,000 strokes and 2,000 premature deaths every year and save NHS resources.

Atrial Fibrillation Support Therapy Reviews

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    Atrial Fibrillation Support


      Interface are able to support in Reducing the risk of stroke in patients with AF through effective anticoagulation helping to implement current best practice guidance.

      Our pharmacist-led service can:

      • Increase the numbers of patients with AF who are effectively anticoagulated and therefore practice achievement of QOF indicator AF007
      • Provide patient-centred consultations to educate and support patients in the safe use of anticoagulants
      • Facilitate transition or initiation of DOAC therapy as required to optimise safe and effective treatment
      • Align with NHS clinical guide on use of DOACs during the coronavirus pandemic

      Patients with AF who have a high risk of stroke but are not anticoagulated will be reviewed with action plans put into place to help manage their risk effectively. Patients with AF and anticoagulated with warfarin whose time in therapeutic range (TTR) is less than that recommended by best practice guidance will also be reviewed to bring in line with guidance.

      Additionally, any patients with AF on a DOAC with clinical issues e.g. non-compliant, unlicensed dose can be reviewed to support long-term management.

      The AF review has been hugely beneficial to patients at our practice. The Interface pharmacist analysed the data and identified the patients that we should review together. I found their input invaluable as we would never have had the time or resources to undertake a review of such complexity which ultimately has such a significant effect for our patients.

      Dr Wearne, GP, NHS Cheshire CCG


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