Data Analysis

Since Interface Clinical Services Interface first began partnering with the NHS in 2004, a lot has changed. One of the most notable changes has been how primary care data has been revolutionised with real world data, which is collected and interpreted to deliver insight into patient pathways and develop frameworks to further both patient experience and care.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Interface provide intelligent data to all levels of the NHS, from detailed reporting on clinical review services, to highlighting where efficiencies can be made and prevalence and adherence improved.

Why is data so important? The data Interface provides to the NHS empowers and better informs clinicians and commissioners to deliver best practice and improve patient outcomes. Whilst the data can be used to improve efficiencies within practices, often with cost-saving benefits, it primarily allows clinicians to track patients’ journeys and compare reported outcome data with real word data.

The data provided can also be used to benchmark against local or national guidelines, allow prescribing patterns to be analysed, enable forecasting and highlight where clinicians should be looking to make interventions.

Case Study

Improving Outcomes in Asthma

Interface was commissioned to deliver an innovative Asthma Review Programme designed to improve the quality of asthma treatment across the local health economy and reduce hospital admissions for respiratory problems.

Patients were reviewed in line with British Thoracic Society (BTS) guidelines and prioritised according to their current level of risk. Interface delivered GP approved interventions and implemented a mentoring programme to positively impact future asthma management.

Service Outcomes

  • 31% reduction in patients receiving high dose inhaled corticosteroids.
  • 42% reduction in short acting beta agonist usage beyond recommended limits of BTS guidelines.
  • Projected annual reduction in respiratory medicines spend of £239,000.

The programme has left a legacy across the local health economy, empowering commissioners, practices and patients to effectively manage the treatment of asthma going forward.

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