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New collaboration to deliver improved health and care services

The Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network and Interface Clinical Services Ltd have signed a new collaboration agreement to help deliver quality innovations in the region’s health and care services.

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and Interface Clinical Services have, over a number of months, formed a strong relationship and have seen the potential for closer collaboration on co-construction and joint delivery of work programmes.

Both organisations have strong relationships with the NHS and commercial organisations and are keen to explore opportunities for a collaborative, funded programme of work. This new informal collaboration agreement will enable both organisations to explore opportunities.

Carl Greatrex, Head of Innovation and Adoption, said: “The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and Interface Clinical Services have a number of areas of common interest and it makes sense for us to work together on these.

“Our joint knowledge and expertise will help ensure that we not only work together to identify innovations that we believe will benefit NHS organisations and their patients but will also enable us to gather the evidence needed to demonstrate these benefits for our NHS members.”

Tony Jamieson, Clinical Lead for Medicines at the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, said: “I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and integrity of Interface Clinical Services. By working together, we will be able to implement innovative ways of improving care for patients that go well beyond what we have achieved before.”

Mike Drakard, Managing Director at Interface Clinical Services, said: “After working closely with Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, it’s great to make our collaboration official. By combining our expertise we can deliver a range of innovative healthcare programme across Yorkshire and Humber and potentially springboard to the wider AHSN network.”

Jack Birchall, National NHS Liaison Executive at Interface Clinical Services, added: “Our collaboration with Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is a great example of the innovative partnerships that benefit the NHS. By combining our resource and clinical capabilities, we can use our expertise to support the local NHS and benefit patients throughout the region.”

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is one of 15 health networks set up to create and harness a strong, purposeful partnership between health services, industry and academia to create improvements in the health of the population and deliver better patient experiences.

A key aim of the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is to ensure innovation that has the potential to transform lives becomes part of routine clinical practice. The organisation also encourages economic growth in the region by supporting inward investment in industries involved in the health sector.

Interface Clinical Services is unique within the UK health economy as it is the only organisation with a fully employed, nationwide team of field-based clinical pharmacists. These pharmacists have in-depth knowledge and experience of medicines and treatment pathways across multiple therapy areas. They excel in project management, IT system knowledge and capability and enhancing customer experience. This mix of skills enables Interface Clinical Services to tailor clinical interventions to the needs of each individual patient and the track and support each patient’s journey and treatment outcomes.

QOF Disease Prevalence Coding Support

Our Clinical Pharmacists are now able to offer coding support across a number of QOF domains

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