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Interface QOF Enhancement Service Updates

With the release of the new GP contract and NHS long term plan, Interface Clinical Services have taken the opportunity to not only align our QOF Enhancement Service but to reinvent it completely.  Where we had a report, we now have a tool. Where we had one service, we now have four.

After months of work, we’re extremely proud to finally announce the arrival of our brand new QOF Enhancement Service.

We’ve worked hard talking with our regular practices and taking feedback from our own team to transform a report into a comprehensive and collaborative tool for use in practice. Now, instead of a simple PDF report, practices will receive an intuitive tool with inbuilt functionality allowing staff to add, exclude, monitor and make notes on pre-identified patient lists. Staff will be able to send shortlists to other team members for review, choose from automatically populated Read codes and SNOMED codes and accurately track progress and income all from one report.

As a service, we also decided to take things further and expand our offering. Not every practice is the same, and now, neither is our support. To meet the needs of each individual practice, we’ve created a tailor-made suite of QOF packages. Within this new structure, practices can request whatever support is most appropriate for their needs. A full break down of our 4 new tiers can be found here.

Additionally, all individual elements of our Tiers can be purchased separately. If 6 months after a practice purchases our Tier One service, they then decide a consultancy day to work through the remaining patients would be helpful, it’s just a case of purchasing another consultancy day through the website. If a practice doesn’t feel they need a full days’ worth of support, but they are struggling with a particular patient cohort, they can purchase a remote training session with one of our Service Support team.

The Tier 4 option allows us to accommodate to the needs of larger scale practices, groups of practices and Primary Care Networks by building completely bespoke packages incorporating whichever of the individual elements of support are required. A full needs analysis is completed through a face to face meeting before we’ll put together a service proposal detailing the package we recommend to deliver the desired results.

Importantly, all four Tiers include the QOF Enhancement Tool as a minimum. Patient care is at the forefront of everything we do. With the functionality of our new tool, we ensure all practices can accurately assess, comment and monitor identified patients to ensure the required care, is delivered.

Similarly, our improved QOF Health Checks continue to be free of charge for all practices and our Service Support team are available to answer any questions you may have about QOF or individual therapy domains.

Since first delivering our QOF support back in 2014, we’ve helped practices in primary care claim over £8.5 million in additional QOF income with 215,000 Interface identified patients being added to practice registers. We look forward to expanding on this legacy through the delivery of our new QOF Enhancement Service.

QOF Disease Prevalence Coding Support

Our Clinical Pharmacists are now able to offer coding support across a number of QOF domains

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