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Interface partner with Mid & South Essex Health and Care Partnership

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Interface Clinical Services Ltd has been awarded a contract to deliver asthma support to Mid & South Essex Health and Care Partnership. The service has been quickly shaped to provide remote support to vulnerable asthmatic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective is to provide additional support to patients with respiratory conditions and ensure they continue to receive the care they need. These patients have been highlighted as potentially being at greater risk by the RCGP in their COVID-19 workload prioritisation guide.

The service will be delivered remotely by a team of Interface’s clinical pharmacists, who will review patients with asthma across five CCGs and upwards of 40 GP practices within Mid & South Essex Health and Care Partnership.

As part of the review, there are 12,900 planned clinical consultations, which will take place with patients via the telephone. During these consultations, a pharmacist will ensure patients are well controlled and compliant with their treatment regimens and are using their inhalers as intended.

Interface pharmacists are highly experienced, having delivered almost 5,500 respiratory clinics in the last five years, seeing over 56,000 patients.


Interface takes the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety of patients, employees, NHS staff and their families. We’re adapting our services to deliver clinical support remotely including the patient clinics incorporated within many of our reviews.

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