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Data Analysis

Interface Clinical Services deliver bespoke data services that provide valuable insight and intelligence to individuals, departments and organisations.

The specifically created dashboards allow for investments to be effectively analysed against pre-determined targets and objectives, whilst highlighting opportunities to further maximise resource and revenue.

Data Insight

For most organisations, data has become their most important strategic asset. At Interface, we’re no different. Extensive data analysis is carried out on all our clinical services, to ensure we’re continually delivering the highest value for our clients along with the identification of future opportunities.

Interface work closely with our clients to develop bespoke dashboards that produce real life data intelligence which is integral for continual progression. Whether it’s prescribing data, sales insight and budget impact data or even intelligence on competitors, the data Interface provide will assist with the monitoring, evaluation and achievement of key targets.

Real-Life Data

It is increasingly recognised that pharma organisations can take huge learnings from real life, evidence-based data, to support objectives and gain improved insight into clinical outcomes.

There are a number of limitations with data produced during clinical trials, conducted under controlled conditions, for a limited time, on a small number of patients.  Whilst obviously necessary for achieving product marketing authorisation, these trials are detached from the reality of the general population with all the real-world issues of age, gender, ethnicity, comorbidities and side-effects that influence the true effect of a drug on its patient population.

Increasingly, pharma companies are looking for evidence gleaned from clinical databases and grounded in real-world evidence that allow them to demonstrate value and strengthen their product’s placing within national guidance.

At Interface we use our unrivalled experience and understanding of electronic medical records to build economic and clinical models that enhance product positioning. This increases the opportunities for market access into a cash and capacity restrained healthcare system.

Supporting the management of type 2 diabetes: an observational analysis


Preventing atrial fibrillation-related strokes: data presented at the RCGP Conference



Interface takes the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety of patients, employees, NHS staff and their families. We’re adapting our services to deliver clinical support remotely including the patient clinics incorporated within many of our reviews.

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