As a forward thinking, expanding organisation, we are always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated pharmacists to join Interface Clinical Services and our nationwide clinical team.

Life as an Interface Clinical Pharmacist can be diverse, with the opportunity to deliver new and innovative services directly to GP practices as well as CCG led projects.

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Why become an Interface Pharmacist? We feel that’s best answered by Interface Pharmacists.

"Working as an Interface Pharmacist provides me with variety and challenge on a daily basis, but just as important is the fact that I feel that I really make a difference." 

"It's fantastic to be valued by the practices and organisations we provide clinical services to. I have been able to develop my clinical skills and use them every day, providing reviews to improve individual patient care and to help GPs improve the quality of care they offer to patients. That’s what I trained to be a pharmacist for!” Carol 

“On a daily basis I get to work with practice managers, GPs, nurses, medicines management, CCGs, pharma reps and hospitals. My day is varied but gives me satisfaction in my work, as I know I am helping patients, GP surgeries and CCGs to deliver better outcomes for everyone.” Riad

As well as continued training and development, Interface offer opportunities for career progression, looking to promote internally wherever possible. With clinical, commercial, IT and managerial roles available, you are able to follow your individual interests and ambitions as you further your career with Interface.

If you are interested in a career with Interface, please view our current vacancies.

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