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Welcome to Interface Clinical Services Ltd (ICS). Established almost 10 years ago, we deliver clinical projects in around 3,000 GP practices and hospitals throughout the UK each year. Some of the projects are funded by the NHS, and some are funded by industry partners. Most of our staff are experienced pharmacists, so medicines management and medicines optimisation are second nature, but we do much more in addition. All of our services can be broadly summarised as follows.

  • Care insight – our proprietary analytics and highly skilled staff give you unrivalled insight into the current treatment regime in order to enhance your knowledge, your services and your performance.
  • Care optimisation – intelligent care insight enables our experienced clinical team to work with you to create interventions that are tailored to the needs of your patients, with outcomes and key performance indicators that are highly measurable. We can deliver the intervention programmes for you, or we can empower your existing team.
  • Care integration – great care often exists, but sometimes needs joining up. Our clinical team can help to coordinate the delivery of care to patient populations, for example working as an interface between the hospital, social care and primary care teams that support patients in care homes, or coordinating the care of patients using anticoagulation services.


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