The Health Check Process

The Health Check Process

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Thank you for registering for a free QOF health check!

1. A member of the Service Support team will be in touch to arrange a suitable time and date to carry out your free QOF health check. 

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your requested slot and a reminder of the appointment.

2. On the day of your QOF health check…

One of our qualified QOF technicians will contact you* at the requested time and will access your clinical system remotely using our own secure encrypted HSCN connection or a secure encrypted program called LOGMEIN123  **

In order to access your practice clinical system, our technicians will require their own individual user accounts setting up. For Emis Web users this will involve you setting up a manual log on in their details. For SystmOne users this will require you setting up our technicians NHS smartcard on your practice system. 

3. A member of our clinical team will run a suite of clinical searches on population reporting (EMIS Web) or clinical reporting (SystmOne) to identify potential patients and associated QOF income. No patient medical records will be accessed. We are a NHS business partner with a current NHS IG Toolkit assessment and our clinical governance information can be viewed here

4. For LogMeIn123, please allow up to 1.5 hours for your terminal to be in use (it will not slow down any other terminals on your network so you can continue to work on other computers as normal).

5. Once the searches are complete, we will disconnect from your terminal, generate the report and email it to you via a secure connection.

The free report will be valid for the rest of the current QOF year and the data will be held on our secure server for the current and next QOF year before being deleted. 

6. One of our qualified pharmacists or a member of the Service Support team will call you back to discuss the report in detail including your current achievement and what potential QOF income gains we have identified in our searches and what benefits your practice could gain from our Full QOF enhancement service.

7. It is then up to you to discuss the results of the report within your practice team to decide whether to engage with our QOF Enhancement Service, or one of the other options we provide. To proceed with any of our services, follow the process on the product pages.  Or alternatively please contact a member of the QOF team on 0113 827 2329.

- Once a QOF product has been requested you will receive a confirmation email and a pro-forma invoice. Submit your payment securely via Globalpay or BACS. The QOF Enhancement Service and the Refresh Service are underpinned by a money back guarantee. If the practice does not realise a minimum return (£3,000 for the QOF Enhancement Service or £1,500 for the Refresh Service) following complete assessment and validation of all patients identified and presented in the report, we will refund the cost of the service in full including VAT.

Once payment has cleared (up to 5 working days for BACS) a member of the Service Support team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to complete a data extraction to produce your full QOF report and a suitable date for a member of our clinical team to carry out the QOF Consultancy day.

Ahead of the QOF Consultancy day we will send your report and the latest QOF read code directory. Following the completion of the QOF Consultancy day you will have access to our office-based team who can assist with any QOF support Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

- A member of the Service Support team will contact you to run a revalidation report once you have worked through the QOF enhancement report to show the difference from the initial report and how many patients have been added to the registers and the additional income that has been generated. As this point our Service Support team may also discuss some of the additional clinical support Interface can offer your practice. 

* We will call you on the telephone number you registered with. If this number will not be available at your scheduled time (e.g. due to lunch time closure or training) then please notify us of a more suitable number that we can call you on.

**Secure encrypted HSCN connection- EMIS Web users are required to set up an Emis account in our technician’s name, allowing them to log in to EMIS Web via our secure encrypted HSCN connection. SystmOne users are required to set up our technicians NHS smartcard on the practice system allowing then to log in via our secure encrypted HSCN connection. 

Please read through our Terms & Conditions and view our Clinical governance information.


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