To support the array of services Interface Clinical Services offer, we have developed a bespoke set of toolkits that complement and enhance the delivery of our projects. These toolkits are collectively known as ‘Attend2’ and they help clinicians to attend to patients' needs within a range of key therapy areas in an efficient and effective manner.



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The Interface Service Design team have spent time developing the Attend2 toolkits to free up valuable clinician time, allowing them to directly attend to their patients.

So how does Attend2 work? 

Attend2 is a suite of proactive diagnostic tools that allow clinicians to identify and prioritise patient groups according to their level of clinical need.  Each individual toolkit has been customised to meet the specific needs and criteria of the therapy area or framework to help clinicians identify and support at risk cohorts of patients.

The Attend2 toolkit is continually growing, with our service design team working with clinicians and NHS partners to adapt and grow the Attend2 offering, expanding into new therapy areas and frameworks.

Currently Attend2 AF and Attend2 QOF Enhancement, are available to be purchased directly from our website. However, if you would like more information on our other toolkits, including those in the areas of osteoporosis and diabetes. Please contact us.

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