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Keith, Practice Manager, Marlborough

Excellent service, which I would highly recommend to any practice, regardless of how well you consider your clinical coding to be. We are one of the top quartile practices in the country, but it still opened our eyes how our prevalence could be skewed, simply by incorrect or no coding being applied.

Get the most out of your QOF enhancement report with a pharmacist consultancy day.
£ 2,500.00 *all prices are exclusive of VAT

The QOF Enhancement provides on-site support from an ICS clinical pharmacist to partner with practices to prioritise the most beneficial domains and coordinate workstreams.  This ensures that practices can identify additional income and optimise patient outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.

As well as the QOF Enhancement report and pharmacist consultancy day, the service also includes revalidation reports, which can be run at any point and as often as required. The revalidation report will allow you to track how many patients have been added or which domains still need attention. 

Find out more about the revalidation report.

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