QOF Enhancement Service

The Interface QOF Enhancement Service generates additional QOF income, increased prevalence and optimises outcomes for patients.

QOF Enhancement Service

QOF Enhancement Service

On average, our service identifies £2,500 of additional income per 1,000 registered patients, which for the average practice equates to £20,240 year on year.

How much could your practice be missing out on?  Find out with our free QOF health check , alternatively you can contact us on 0113 827 2329  or QOF@interface-cs.co.uk.

The free QOF health check will quickly identify any areas where prevalence could be improved and indicate your potential income gains. Once you realise how much additional income you could generate, you can purchase the QOF Enhancement Service which comes with a money back guarantee.  
So, what is the QOF Enhancement Service?
The QOF Enhancement provides on-site support from an Interface clinical pharmacist to partner with practices to prioritise the most beneficial domains and coordinate workstreams.  This ensures that practices can identify additional income and optimise patient outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.
The QOF Enhancement Service includes:

-              The QOF Enhancement report
-              The Interface 18/19 Read Code Directory
-              An on-site pharmacist consultancy day
-              Unlimited revalidations
-              Telephone support from our dedicated team of technicians
-              Money back guarantee
-              Guarantee to make a return on investment this QOF year
But don’t just take our word for it:

 “We were very pleased with the outcome of the Interface Clinical Services QOF Enhancement Service. The Interface pharmacist, working with our practice manager and one of the partners, focused on those domains with the highest clinical and financial impact and generated over £8,000 worth of additional QOF income from 119 patients on the day of the visit alone.
Given that we had a guarantee that the cost would be refunded if the savings found did not at least equal this, there is absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. For the team here, this was a ‘no brainer’.
We utilised the pharmacist consultancy day to focus mainly on the domains of high financial value. We have now been able to work through the rest at our own pace, and I believe the total increase in income that we will see for the current QOF year to be in excess of £12,000. For a no-risk investment, this is a fantastic return.” Dr Bhatti, GP, Essex
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