Research and Development

The cost of bringing a drug to market is currently estimated at $1.5 billion, with costs rising at close to 50% over the last decade. The development period can take up to 10 years, severely reducing the in patent life and revenue potential of any new drug. The longest and most expensive part of this process is the clinical trial, particularly the human testing phase.

Research and Development

Research and Development

The most difficult element of any trial is the process of recruitment and retention of appropriate patients. Confirmed by the fact that 86% of clinical trials fail to complete on time with up to 48% of research sites in any given trial failing to recruit a single patient.

Interface is ideally placed to rectify this key area of underperformance with its UK wide team of clinical pharmacists, providing a national resource of good clinical practice (GCP) trained personnel, with an intrinsic understanding of general practice and a unique perspective in both clinical, IT and patient management.

Over recent years, Interface have gained a reputation for excellence in identifying and successfully recruiting patients onto clinical trials. With a wealth of experience in patient dosing, data collection, clinic organisation and patient retention, Interface can overcome many of the challenges of working with general practice and trial management.

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